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Don't Underestimate College Savings Advantages

Families Saving More for College but Underestimating Costs: Fidelity Fidelity's College Savings IQ survey also found that more families are using 529 college savings plans but many don't understand all the advantages An increasing number of families are saving for their kids' college education, but many are likely not saving nearly enough, according to Fidelity Investments' latest College Savings IQ survey of almost 2,000 parents... Read Article

Financial Advisors: What to Look for & When it Pays to Have One

Personal financial planning can get complicated real fast, especially when you throw in situations such as getting an inheritance or saving for retirement. Working with a professional and licensed financial advisor is an effective way to make sense of it all if you don't know where to start. Since 1958, Weaver Insurance & Financial Advisors in Waynesboro, VA has earned a stellar reputation for providing... Read Article

How Charitable Gifts Affect Your Taxes

You may already know that you can deduct charitable gifts on your tax return. To protect you from an audit, though, you need to understand just how those donations will impact your taxes. Fortunately, Weaver Insurance & Financial Advisorsis here to help. For more than 50 years, their financial advisors have helped their Waynesboro, VA, clients understand the ins and outs of charitable giving come... Read Article

Common Errors Made in Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is the key to enjoying financial freedom in your golden years. One small step at a time, the proper preparation will ensure your future is secure and your retirement dreams are a reality. However, many people don't understand how to get their retirement plan on the right track, leading to costly mistakes along the way. The financial planners at Weaver Insurance & Financial... Read Article

How Taxes Are Impacted by Investments

Investing is an effective method that many people use to grow their money and successfully reach their retirement planning and other monetary goals. However, without the assistance of a professional financial advisor, it can be particularly challenging to understand how investments are supposed to be factored in at tax time. That's why the experts at Weaver Insurance & Financial Advisors provide Waynesboro, VA, residents with... Read Article

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